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In AARC we trust...or not yet?

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 11:00


The AARC project is working to define a framework that champions federated access, which removes the need for multiple accounts, improves user experience and preserves security and privacy. Via this framework, AARC seeks to achieve interoperability among existing R&E authentication and authorisation infrastructures and shared service delivery across them.  

AARC’s approach is to build on existing AAIs and related policy frameworks used in the R&E sector (e.g. national federations/eduGAIN, e-Infrastructures and ESFRI cluster’s AAIs, REFEDS and International Grid Federations etc.). Based on the community requirements, AARC is designing and piloting missing (technical and policy) components, that will all be reflected in the blueprint architecture. 

Since its inception, AARC is working with research and e-infrastructures to ensure that AARC results can be integrated in the existing AAI workflows or serve as guidelines for new communities that need AAI functionalities. 

This session wants to provide an overview of AARC results matured in the first year of the project and seeks feedback to better understand challenges that research and infrastructures may face during the integration process. The aim is to a limited number of presentations to serve as a guidance for the discussion: 
- general introductions about AARC - 10min
- AARC blueprint architecture - 20 min
- The SP-Proxy approach and trust considerations - 20 min
- And additional topic to be decided  (CIlogon for Europe pilot  and its adoption , Sirtfi, assurance)


Target Audience:

New research infrastructures nterested in developing inter-operable AAIs and and e-infrastructures that plan to share resources among each other.


Benefits for Audience:

- Better understanding of the  AARC project 
- Building blocks to design inter-operable AAIs 
- Sustainability aspects


Topic 2: Services enabling research


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Licia Florio GEANT