DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURES for RESEARCH 2018 | Serving the user base

B2SHARE - Record lifecycle and HTTP API

Friday, September 30, 2016 - 09:00


B2SHARE is a scientific data repository providing persistent storage and sharing data facilities. Building on the new Invenio 3.0 digital assets management platform, a new version of B2SHARE has been developed which is focused on an improved user experience. Answering the requests of the current user base, B2SHARE version 2 provides customizable metadata schemas and a simple but effective workflow for depositing user data, exposed in its RESTful HTTP API.

The presentation will introduce the B2SHARE service, its organizing principles and its basic operations. The metadata schemas and the dataset lifecycle, which are essentials in understanding the possibilities of the service, will be the main focus of the talk. The concrete output of the session can be a full paper expanding the presented topics.

Target Audience:Researchers of any scientific domain, which work with publishable data sets.

Benefits for Audience:

The participants will learn about the B2SHARE platform which can help them in publishing and sharing their data. The audience should understand the possibilities offered by the platform as well as its limitations, and will have a reference point when evaluating similar solutions.

Topic 2: Services enabling research


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Nicolas Harraudeau CERN