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Data discovery

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 11:30

Chairs: Damien Lecarpentier, Lukasz Dutka

In order to be reused research data must be discoverable. This session addresses the topic of data discovery through three focused and practical presentations coming from three different initiatives. The first presentation “EUDAT B2FIND: A Cross-Discipline Metadata Service and Discovery Portal” will provide an overview of some of the challenges associated with cross-disciplinary discovery of research data based on the experience and practice gained in EUDAT and present solutions for improving interoperability and reuse of research output. The second presentation “The Institutional View: Insights from Integrating a research Data Repository with Established Research Practices” will bring in an institutional perspective to the emergence of research data repositories and discuss the question of the integration of repositories with existing institutional environments and practices for research data management so the latter become reflected and absorbed by the newly introduced system or platform. Finally, the last presentation “How to Exploit the Multidisciplinary Potential of Oral History Narratives” will address the topic from the point of view of the Humanities using spoken narratives as an example to question the evolution of digital tools and their ability to support the actual analysis of qualitative data.

Scheduled presentations: 

EUDAT B2FIND : A Cross-Discipline Metadata Service and Discovery Portal Heinrich Widmann
The Institutional View: Insights from integrating a Research Data Repository with established research practices Timo Borst
How to exploit the multidisciplinary potential of Oral History narratives Scagiola Stef