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Life Sciences Use Cases of FG-Cloud, the French Multidisciplinary Federated Cloud

Friday, September 30, 2016 - 09:00

The scientific interest group France Grilles (French NGI), initially focused on computing grids, now offers services based on IaaS Cloud Computing. By integrating the latest technological advances, the group offers a service that meets changing needs for processing scientific data, particularly in terms of elasticity and flexibility.
As a result, France Grilles has developed the FG-Cloud project, a federation of IaaS clouds, based on the principle of sharing and pooling expertise, bringing together resources (calculation, storage, network and human resources) supplied freely by several participating sites, imposing as few constraints as possible.
After a short presentation of the FG-Cloud project outputs, the interaction between FG-Cloud and Life Sciences Cloud stakeholder in France (IFB) and Europa (Biomed, Elixir) will be described. The talk will end with an overview of Life Science projects using the Cloud infrastructure.


Jerome Pansanel


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