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Adam Farquhar

Adam Farquhar
The British Library
Head of Digital Scholarship

Dr. Adam Farquhar is Head of Digital Scholarship at the British Library (, where he and his team focus on establishing services for researchers that take full advantage of the possibilities that digital collections and data present across all formats and subjects.
He is principle investigator for the British Library Labs; co-ordinates the THOR project that will provide seamless identifier services for researchers and data; member of the International Image Interoperability (IIIF) Consortium executive committee; Director of the Endangered Archives Programme that works with teams around the globe to preserve archival material that is in danger of destruction, neglect or physical deterioration; President and co-founder of DataCite, an international association dedicated to making it easier to identify, cite, and reuse scientific data; and founder and Board member of the Open Preservation Foundation.
He has been responsible for the Library’s maps, newspaper, photographic, audio and moving image collections. Before joining the Library, he was the principle knowledge management architect for Schlumberger and research scientist at the Stanford Knowledge Systems Laboratory.