DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURES for RESEARCH 2018 | Serving the user base

Poster Session

No. Poster title Name Surname Organisation
1 An innovative hybrid –cloud platform to support science Sara Garavelli HNSciCloud / Trust-IT Services
2 Application of INDIGO-DataCloud solutions to the development of an automatic workflow for Molecular Dynamics simulations Antonio Rosato University of Florence
3 Automatic Deployment of Data Farming Experiments in PaaSage Jacek Kitowski AGH University of Science and Technology
4 Big data analytics for climate change: a distributed testbed for multi-model analysis in the CMIP5 context Sandro Fiore CMCC Foundation
5 BlueBRIDGE: an “European Open Science Cloud” gear Pasquale Pagano BlueBRIDGE / ISTI-CNR
6 CESNET Advanced Photonic Services Infrastructure Lada Altmannová CESNET
7 Chunk based metadata model for replica management in Onedata Tomasz Lichoń ACC Cyfronet AGH
8 Common data services supporting multiple research communities and individuals Hilary Hanahoe EUDAT / Trust-IT Services
9 DARIAH meets INDIGO-DataCloud: Developing a Repository Platform for Digital Arts and Humanities Data Davor Davidović Ruđer Bošković Institute
10 Distributed Archive for the Cherenkov Telescope Array Eva Sciacca INAF - Astrophysical Observatory of Catania
11 Efficient data transfer for geographically distributed data repositories implemented for Onedata Konrad Zemek ACC Cyfronet AGH
12 ELIXIR Authentication and authorisation infrastructure Mikael Linden CSC - IT Center for Science
13 ELIXIR-ITA use case within H2020 INDIGO-Datacloud: developing a Galaxy “on demand” platform through cloud technologies Marco Antonio Tangaro Institute of Biomembranes and Bioenergetics, National Research Council, Bari
14 EUBra-BIGSEA: Europe - Brazil Collaboration of Big Data Scientific Research through Cloud-Centric Applications Roberto Cascella EUBra-BIGSEA / Trust-It Services
15 FitSM: Lightweight Service Management Standard Sy Holsinger EGI Foundation/ITEMO
16 Geoportal: a Galaxy based webportal Anne Fouilloux Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo
17 Global data access and management using Onedata platform Bartosz Kryza Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET AGH
18 RDA Europe Call for Collaboration Projects 2016 edition Sara Pittonet-Gaiarin RDA Europe / Trust-It Services
19 Implementing AAI into existing cross-infrastructure user communities with cloud service offerings: the Instruct use case. Narayanan Krishnan Instruct
20 Implementing resource monitoring for users in a EGI FedCloud Resource Centre Giacinto Donvito INFN
21 INDIGO-DATA CLOUD EC project: a case study applied to MuseiD-Italia, the Italian National Museums Digital Library Luca Martinelli ICCU
22 INDIGO-DATA CLOUD EC project: A study case applied to one of the EMSO Research Infrastructure Deep sea Observatories Stephen Monna INGV
23 INDIGO-DataCloud infrastructure applied to Large Binocular Telescope Distributed Archive Andrea Bignamini INAF-OATs
24 INDIGO-DataCloud Services for Algae Bloom Forecasting Fernando Aguilar Gómez IFCA-CSIC
25 Large volume event processing subsystem for control of distributed data processing in Onedata Trzepla Krzysztof Cyfronet
26 Massively scalable document synchronization implemented for Onedata Rafał Słota ACC Cyfronet AGH
27 Open Access Publication Policy of The Hague University of Applied Sciences Saskia Rademaker The Hague University of Applied Sciences
28 P2P techniques for sensitive metadata management in globally distributed Onedata. Michał Żmuda ACK Cyfronet AGH
29 PL-Grid Infrastructure as a Tool for Open Science Jacek Kitowski AGH University / ACC Cyfronet AGH
30 ICOS data processing services - for the users and by the users Margareta Hellström Lund University
31 Science in the Clouds: Virtualizing HADDOCK, PowerFit and DisVis using INDIGO-DataCloud Solutions Zeynep Kurkcuoglu Utrecht University
32 The ICOS Carbon Portal - a one-stop shop for greenhouse gas data Margareta Hellström Lund University
33 Using INDIGO DataCloud to deploy Virtual Infrastructures for Medical Imaging Biomarkers Ignacio Blanquer I3M-UPV