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Enzo Capone

Enzo Capone

Organisation: GÉANT
Role: Senior Technical Business Development Officer

Senior Technical Business Development Office in GÉANT, in charge of the user support for network solutions of pan-European and international scientific groups and collaborations and in the Science and Research engagement activities, with a background in computer science and networking.

My main involvement is with the Life Science (EMBL-EBI, Elixir), Radioastronomy (JIVE, SKA) and the physics area (LHC, Belle II, Pierre Auger Observatory, etc.), for which I provide solution support for different aspects of the networking: end-to-end connectivity and performance, services selection, monitoring, intra- and extra-European connectivity.

Previous positions were with the Department of Physics of the University of Naples, where I was the network architect and manager in charge of the computing resources for physics experiments, and Technical Associate to the ATLAS experiment collaboration at CERN. 

Yin Chen

Yin Chen

Organisation: EGI Foundation
Role: Senior Technology Outreach Expert

Dr. Yin Chen (F), holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics. Her research focused on large-scale scientific data and metadata management, distributed data e-infrastructure, cloud/grid computing and research infrastructures. She is a Senior Technology Outreach Expert in EGI foundation, and is working in ENVRIplus and INDIGO-DataCloud projects. Before she joined EGI, Yin worked at ENVRI, where she led the development of the ENVRI Reference Model. Yin has worked for a number of research institutions in the UK, including Cardiff University, Edinburgh University, UK National e-Science Center, EDINA, and the UK Medical Research Council. She has also worked as a system analysis and design expert in the software industry in Japan.

Giacinto Donvito

Organisation: INFN
Role: Tecnologist

Giacinto Donvito [M] is the system administrator of the CMS and Alice Tier-2 computing centre at INFN-Bari since 2004.

Lukasz Dutka

Organisation: Cyfronet AGH
Role: PLGrid Technical Director

He has longstanding experience with managing large development teams in commercial software companies. His scientific interests include large-scale computer system, system architectures, component approaches as well as exploiting computer technologies of the future for today’s solutions.

Adam Farquhar

Adam Farquhar

Organisation: The British Library
Role: Head of Digital Scholarship

Dr. Adam Farquhar is Head of Digital Scholarship at the British Library (, where he and his team focus on establishing services for researchers that take full advantage of the possibilities that digital collections and data present across all formats and subjects.
He is principle investigator for the British Library Labs; co-ordinates the THOR project that will provide seamless identifier services for researchers and data; member of the International Image Interoperability (IIIF) Consortium executive committee; Director of the Endangered Archives Programme that works with teams around the globe to preserve archival material that is in danger of destruction, neglect or physical deterioration; President and co-founder of DataCite, an international association dedicated to making it easier to identify, cite, and reuse scientific data; and founder and Board member of the Open Preservation Foundation.
He has been responsible for the Library’s maps, newspaper, photographic, audio and moving image collections. Before joining the Library, he was the principle knowledge management architect for Schlumberger and research scientist at the Stanford Knowledge Systems Laboratory.

Tiziana Ferrari

Tiziana Ferrari

Organisation: EGI Foundation
Role: Technical Director

Tiziana is Technical Director at since October 2013 and Technical Coordiantor of the H2020 EGI flagship project funded by the EC: EGI-Engage. She was responsible for the direction of the EGI-InSPIRE project and was former Chief Operations Officer taking care of the operations coordination of EGI. She is a promoter of the Open Science Commons and participated in the definition of the EGI governance and service portfolio in the framework of the EGI_DS project. She has been involved in grid operations since 2007 contributing to the coordination of operations for the Italian Grid infrastructure. Tiziana holds a PhD in Electronics and Data Communications Engineering from the Universita' degli Studi in Bologna. 

Licia Florio

Licia Florio

Organisation: GEANT
Role: Project Development Officer

Licia Florio joined GEANT (former TERENA) in 2001, as a Project Development Officer to support TERENA's activities and contribute to technical projects. Licia’s primary area of work focuses on Identity and Trust.

David Foster

David Foster

Organisation: CERN
Role: Chartered physicist

David Foster holds the degree of BSc in Applied Physics and Electronics from the University of Durham and graduated with a PhD from the Faculty of Science.

He initially took up a fellowship position in the Data Handling Division at CERN working on compiler technologies for embedded systems. After specialising in the management of distributed systems and provisioning of desktop services he obtained an MBA at Durham University Business School.

Following the responsibility for the implementation of the international networking solutions for the LHC, and management as the deputy head of the Information Technology Department, he obtained the degree of Master of Laws in Information Technology at the University of Edinburgh. He was awarded the degree of LLM with Distinction in 2015.

Since 2016 he has been working in the area of Privacy and Data Protection at CERN.

David Foster is a chartered physicist, a fellow of the institute of physics and a member of the chartered institute of management. 

Sara Garavelli

Organisation: Trust-IT Services
Role: Project Manager

Sara Garavelli is a Project Manager and Project Management Officer at Trust-IT Services, a UK SME specialised in analysing and communicating Information and Communication Technologies across Europe and globally.

Bob Jones

Organisation: CERN Openlab
Role: HNSciClodu project leader

Bob Jones is a leader of the Helix Nebula initiative (, a public private partnership to explore the use of commercial cloud services for science applications.