DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURES for RESEARCH 2018 | Serving the user base


Hossein Abroshan

Organisation: CESSDA
Role: Chief Technical Officer

Hossein Abroshan is Chief Technical Officer of CESSDA (Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives), responsible for managing technology strategy and implementation, defining roadmaps for services and service integration between and within the CESSDA Service Providers, and steering the de

Fernando Aguilar Gómez

Organisation: IFCA – CSIC
Role: Informatics Engineer

Informatics Engineer, since 2011 participating in different national and international project related to computing and data management.  As developer, he has implemented diverse visualization and data analysis and management tools within the context of water quality researchin

Giorgos Alexiuo

Giorgos Alexiuo

Organisation: Athena Research Center
Role: Researcher

Giorgos Alexiou is a research associate of the Multimedia Technology Laboratory at the National Technical University of Athens, where he is mainly focusing on research projects and publications on Linked Data, Semantic Web, Business Intelligence, as well as on infrastructure an

Sergio Andreozzi

Sergio Andreozzi

Organisation: EGI Foundation
Role: Strategy and Policy Manager

Sergio is strategy and policy manager of the EGI Foundation, the coordinating body of EGI (e-infrastructure supporting data- and compute-intensive research and innovation). In his role, Sergio contributes to strategic planning and execution, governance, business models and evolution of services. Sergio is also member of the EC Open Science Policy Platform. He holds a PhD in Computer Science (University of Bologna) and a MSc in Computer Science Engineering (University of Pisa).

Pasquale Andriani

Pasquale Andriani

Organisation: Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A
Role: Researcher

Pasquale Andriani (M) is part of Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A since 2005 and participated in several EU co-funded projects as CASPAR, SCIDIP-ES, BeAware. He has been involved in the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership programme, participating in FINSENY, FINESCE and FIWARE projects. He is currently leading the development of the data management platform of the EMSODEV project.  Since June 2015, he has been involved in the Big Data Value Association with a specific interest in Data Management and Data Processing Architecture priorities and sub-groups.

Kevin Ashley

Organisation: Digital Curation Centre
Role: Director

Kevin Ashley is Director of the Digital Curation Centre (DCC), a consortium based at the University of Edinburgh whose mission is to increase the capability and capacity of research organisations around the world to make the most of their research data.

Themis Athanassiadou

Organisation: EGI Foundation
Role: Technical Outreach Expert

Themis Athanassiadou is a Technical Outreach Expert at the EGI Foundation. She holds a degree in Physics from Yale University and a PhD in Physics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Lucio Badiali

Organisation: INGV
Role: Research Leader

Lucio Badiali (M) earned a degree in Physics, majored in Cybernetics and a PhD in novel physics methodologies for enviromental sciences. Managed the ICT Team at the Ingv National Earthquake Centre. Member of the Italian Grid Infrastructure board.

Julija Baginskaite

Julija Baginskaite

Organisation: European Science Foundation
Role: Junior Science Officer - Data Scientist

Junior Science Officer at the expert services division of the European Science Foundation. Interested in designing tools to promote and improve scientific strategy, evidence-based policy making and innovation at a European level.

Michaela Barth

Michaela Barth

Organisation: KTH
Role: Application Expert

Michaela is currently working as the Generic Area Coordinator in NeIC (the Nordic e-Infrastructure Collaboration) and also as PRACE Sweden coordinator and is situated at the PDC Center for High Performance Computing at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology.