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Enzo Capone

Enzo Capone
Senior Technical Business Development Officer

Senior Technical Business Development Office in GÉANT, in charge of the user support for network solutions of pan-European and international scientific groups and collaborations and in the Science and Research engagement activities, with a background in computer science and networking.

My main involvement is with the Life Science (EMBL-EBI, Elixir), Radioastronomy (JIVE, SKA) and the physics area (LHC, Belle II, Pierre Auger Observatory, etc.), for which I provide solution support for different aspects of the networking: end-to-end connectivity and performance, services selection, monitoring, intra- and extra-European connectivity.

Previous positions were with the Department of Physics of the University of Naples, where I was the network architect and manager in charge of the computing resources for physics experiments, and Technical Associate to the ATLAS experiment collaboration at CERN.