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Alessandro Spinuso

Alessandro Spinuso
R&D Observations and Data Technology division of the KNMI

Alessandro Spinuso is a researcher at the R&D Observations and Data Technology division of the KNMI (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute). He is involved in several international initiatives focusing on the realisation of e-science infrastructures for Solid Earth Science and Climate Research (VERCE, EPOS, CLIPC). Recently, he has led the technical realisation of the VERCE Platform and Science Gateway, enabling innovative data analysis and data modelling services for modern computational seismology. Currently he is actively participating to the harmonisation of the Computational Earth Science methods and technologies adopted by the communities of the EPOS (European Plate Observing System) project and he investigates the realisation of scalable and provenance aware Web Processing Services (WPS) for climate studies. His main research interest is the management and the exploitation of provenance information in the context of data-intensive applications.