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Andrea Manieri

Business Developer

He's currently involved in EDISON, to promote the Data Scientist career, he's supporting the Univ. of Perugia in setting-up a Master in Data Science and collaborating with other Universities to promote
Data Science curricula.

On 2007 he was appointed Head of Distributed Computing Laboratory.
Since then with his team he managed more than twenty FP6 and FP7 initiatives ranging from AAA in distributed environments, Test and quality assurance of distributed software, grid and cloud infrastructures, infrastructure security and legal compliance. Notably he was Exploitation Manager of Diligent project, and Project manager of and EC study ( and more recently Project Director of VENUS-C project (FP7 INFRA-261556) and ERINA+ support Action (FP7 INFRA-261550).

Currently is exploring how Data Science and Geospatial Research can impact on the ENG business in strict collaboration with the Big Data Competence Center, the R/D lab of Content and Media and the ENG Academy.