DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURES for RESEARCH 2018 | Serving the user base

Community Challenges II

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 14:00


Modern research requires novel digital services that combine software, tools, data and computing across different institutions and across heterogeneous environments. This double-session includes presentations given by scientific communities about their emerging e-infrastructure needs and about the value added, thematic services they use and develop on top of generic e-infrastructures to tackle community-specific problems. The sessions include presentations that cover a broad spectrum of scientific disciplines from life sciences through physics, earth sciences, environmental sciences to digital humanities.

Chair: Gergely Sipos

Scheduled presentations


Scalable bioinformatics web-servers powered by EGI cloud Nanjiang Shu
Challenges for Researchers in the Digital Humanities: custom development vs. sustainable research infrastructures Roxanne Wyns
Services and a distributed infrastructure pilot for the Cherenkov Telescope Array Eva Sciacca