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Disaster Mitigation by e-Science and Advanced Scientific Model

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 11:30


Disaster Mitigation Competence Centre (DMCC, supported by EGI-Engage) aims to achieve an early warning system for target disasters by deeper understanding of disasters with e-Science approach. Based on better scientific models validated by historical events and observation data, faster simulation over the e-Infrastructure could support improved impacts estimation, preparedness and quick response. By collaborations of science groups, e-Infrastructure providers and application supporters, DMCC provides accurate models and high performance simulations for disaster event analysis and reduce losses. 
In this presentation, case studies of storm surge induced by Typhoon Haiyan in 2013 and the flood event of Malaysia in 2014 will be introduced. Innovative simulation model was devised by combining atmospheric model and ocean model and validated by higher resolution observation data of the whole life span of a disaster. Taking advantage of e-Infrastructure, data collection and sharing, high throughput simulation and analysis, collaboration of essential parties from different institutes, and applications of the model for future events are integrated flexibly according to purposes and collaboration models. Other than those required features, from the case studies, system efficiency, workflow and integration mechanism of the e-Infrastructure could be further enhanced. Core tools such as tsunami simulation and weather simulation are shared in the form of Web portal currently.
e-Infrastructure of Disaster Mitigation Competence Centre demonstrates an ecosystem in pursuing advanced simulation models for future disaster events by deeper understanding the disasters. DMCC collaboration mechanism composed by scientists, e-Infrastructure providers and application supports has proved effective. Partner could either bring cases for solutions or contribute to novel modeling. Shared data, case studies, knowledge will be compiled and support future advancement of disaster mitigation.


Target Audience:

e-Infrastructure and technology providers; scientists of earth science, environmental/climate changes, and disaster mitigation; e-science service providers;


Benefits for Audience:

Understanding the use cases and requirements of disaster mitigations in deploying e-Infrastructure; Introducing a new model of collaboration to develop advanced scientific models for disaster mitigation by e-Infrastructure.


Topic 1: Challenges facing users and service providers


Presenter Organisation
Eric Yen Academia Sinica Grid Computing Centre
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