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ELIXIR CC – Federated Cloud services for life sciences

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 14:00


Modern life science research is often very data and computing intensive. The ELIXIR network, including nodes from 17 European countries, is building a sustainable infrastructure for managing and utilizing rapidly growing biological information. 

ELIXIR Competence Center (CC) ( one of  the EGI-Engage competence centers), aims to bring EGI resources, especially the EGI Federated Could, better available to the ELIXIR user community. To do this
ELIXIR CC brings together designated life science and cloud computing experts who identify and implement life science use cases that utilize the EGI infrastructure.   The experiences gained with these use cases will be disseminated towards ELIXIR, EGI and other relevant communities to guide the further development of EGI and ELIXIR infrastructures.

This presentation gives an overview to the current state of ELIXIR CC including: scientific use cases,  experiences of joining and using EGI Federated Could and technical development carried out to facilitate usage of EGI Federated Could within ELIXIR community.


Target Audience:

Bioscientists, bioinformatics service providers, cloud service providers.


Benefits for Audience:

Basic features of EGI Federated Cloud. Status of the current development work.


Topic 1: Challenges facing users and service providers


Presenter Organisation URL
Kimmo Mattila CSC - IT center for science
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