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EPOS use case on top of EGI/EUDAT coupled resources- Misfit analysis

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 11:30

The EPOS use case that will be presented in this session, MISFIT, has the aim to improve the back-end services of an existing Virtual Research Environment in the field of Computational Seismology ( The use case enables the processing and the comparison of data resulting from the simulation of seismic wave propagation following a real earthquake and real measurements recorded by seismographs. It will integrate software from the VERCE project (, taking advantage of the computing services of the EGI Federated Cloud, using data from EIDA / ORFEUS organization ( stored in an EUDAT B2SAFE instance. The advantage of porting the MISFIT application to the cloud would be to have more flexibility of exploiting a resources-on-demand model supporting the VERCE  data-intensive code, possibly even close to the location where the simulation data and the raw pre-staged data will be. This use case is testing and validating the movement of data from/to the EUDAT infrastructure to/from the EGI Federated Cloud. Data are stored in B2SAFE for long term preservation and staged in the EGI Federated Cloud through B2STAGE to be processed. A short demonstration will be part of this presentation.

Presenter: Alessandro Spinuso

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