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The future of working with data: the EDISON framework for data science professionals

Friday, September 30, 2016 - 11:30


The future of working with data: the EDISON framework for data science professionals

We propose a sequence of short presentations with moderated discussion which will provide insight and invite constructive discussion about the themes, ideas and opportunities offered by the EDISON framework for the data science profession. The session will be facilitated by EDISON community engagment coordinator Steve Brewer and will begin with an introduction and overview of the EU-funded EDISON project which aims to establish the data science profession. Subsequent talks from other consortium members will describe and explain the EDISON framework and how it will be used to support the education, training and professional development of data science professionals. Malgorzata Krakowian will describe how certification and accreditation of courses and modules will contribute to the ability of data science professionals to build and develop their careers. This can apply both to structured programmes and self-directed re-skilling in the realm of data science. After an overview of Data Science Pro, the community portal that will help build the EDISON project's legacy. A facilitated discussion will then encourage participants at the session to explore how the data science profession needs to develop and how the EDISON framework can accelerate this process.

Target Audience:

The target audience would be all stakeholders with a vested interest developing the data science profession. This would include all those whose roles and skills profiles fit into the data science family: data scientists, data managers, data curators etc. employers of data scientists, recruiters of data scientists, trainers and educators of data scientists, governance-level strategists in academia, research, business or policy-setters.

Benefits for Audience:

Our goal is for participants to engage with the process of building the data science profession. The development of the EDISON framework which encompasses competences, a formal body of knowledge, a model curriculum and hence forms a solid basis for this process. In the first instance, we have a comprehensive framework against which to discuss the elements needed to formalise the data science profession. Acceptance of the framework then enables accreditation and certification of courses and modules which in turn enables professionals to develop their individual career paths. Participants will gain a deep understanding of the process of building the data science profession and how they will benefit from this.

Topic 3: A changing environment, changing research

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