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GÉANT pan-European tender for IaaS services

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 16:00


Cloud services really make users choosers by using the services they want, in an easy and often economically attractive manner. European NRENs (National Research and Educational Networks) have recognized the need for a common, systematic approach to cloud services, and have joined forces in the GÉANT4 Clouds activity. The presentation gives an overview of the challenges and possibilities associated with cloud services in research and education, and how the European NREN community is responding to these by utilizing its’ established strength within collaboration and common network and federation resources. It outlines the result of the NREN collaboration through GÉANT so far, specifically addressing IaaS framework agreements and other planned service procurements, highlighting their implications and benefits for European R&E institutions.


Target Audience:

CEOs, CIOs, service managers, product managers, project managers, procurement & legal staff, user support personnel, researchers, etc.  - from NRENs, research organizations, universities, service providers, etc.


Benefits for Audience:

The challenges and possibilities of commercial & community cloud services for the R&E community. 
What services are, and will be, available through the GÉANT Cloud Activity, and how European R&E institutions can start using these.
How commercial and community service providers can get into position for delivering cloud services to the R&E community through GÉANT & the European NRENs


Topic 1: Challenges facing users and service providers


Presenters Organisation
Enzo Capone GÉANT
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