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Globally distributed virtual file system for high performance data processing

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 16:00


Onedata is a distributed system divided into zones (or federations) which are created by deploying a dedicated service called Onezone. The main public zone is that is managed by Onezone service deployed at that address. Zones enable creation of Onedata deployments with no relation to other federations (including Any organization, community or user group can deploy their own Onezone service with customized login page and either connect it to the distributed network of other Onezone services or run it as an isolated private deployment.

Target Audience:

Scientific community dealing with big data related issues requiring easy access and sharing of data with other users.

Benefits for Audience:

The main benefit will be in seeing a novel approach to research data management allowing for seamless data sharing and collaboration in federated environments with high performance access to data without pre-staging on computing nodes in the Cloud.


Topic 2: Services enabling research


Presenter Organisation URL
Bartosz Kryza Academic Computer Centre CYFRONET AGH