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Nadia Nardi

Nadia Nardi
Business Developer

Nadia earned a Bachelor of Commerce in Information Technology Management from Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, concentrating her studies in Telecommunications Management and Business Communication. Nadia is currently working towards her PMP certification and Masters in Management.
She began working for Engineering in 2006 in the ERP Unit as a Change Management Expert. Her role worked on minimizing the negative impact due to the introduction of new technologies. She worked on aspects of organizational alignment of roles, communication and training. Her previous work experiences include the Banking Industry and Teaching.
She joined the Distributed Computing Lab within the Engineering R&D Lab in 2011 as
a Project Manager and Researcher. She has since been involved in several EU-funded projects taking on different roles: WP/Task Leader, General Assembly, Project Steering Committee Member, Deputy Coordinator, and Coordinator. Currently, she covers the role of Business Development Manager for the BlueBRIDGE project.
She performs research and writes deliverables on sustainability and exploitation perspectives, business plan aspects, including market research, business strategy and business modelling.
In addition to the research and management activities performed on projects, Nadia
manages project teams internally. She also contributes to the coordination and writing of project proposals, and bids/tenders outside of the R&D Lab.