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A novel AAI approach for the European Integrated Data Archive within EPOS

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 14:00


We plan to share the results from our current work regarding a novel AAI approach for the seismological community based on the infrastructure provided by eduGAIN. Since it was created EIDA has worked as a federation of seismological data centers. We are currently eleven European data centers, but our users can request data  to EIDA as it was only one European data center by means of the integration and proper standardization of the services that we provide. If we consider that not only the data is distributed, but also the users, who request data from us from almost every country, we can imagine the challenge of designing a "scalable" AAI solution, avoiding bottlenecks and any type of centralization.
We would like to show why this was a very good solution for us, and evaluate the possibility to extend it to other communities.


Target Audience:

Participants from scientific communities, who need a scalable AAI solution. In particular those who need to support non-interactive clients (e.g. command-line tools, scripts) in a transparent way for the end users.


Benefits for Audience:

Participants will see how the existent infrastructure of eduGAIN can be easily used to share data (open and restricted) with a potentialy large number of users. In particular, how we have used all the bennefits from the eduGAIN approach and internally decouple from it to overcome its shortcomings (e.g. support of non-interactive command-line clients to use the AAI mechanism).


Topic 2: Services enabling research


Presenters Organisation
Javier Quinteros GEOFON - Deutsches GFZ
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