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Steve Brewer

Steve Brewer
University of Southampton
Network Coordinator

ICT-related community outreach and communications expert and project manager. Steve is currently specializing in network coordination across research communities in UK, Europe and beyond; with previous interests in communication, including writing, presenting, workshop and collaboration facilitation and video production. Steve is leading the dissemination and community engagement work package of the H2020 EDISON project which aims to build the data science profession. This will be achieved by working with industry experts and research practitioners involved and interested in the development of data science as a profession.

Steve has given many keynote and other talks to a broad spectrum of audiences across Europe and in the USA. He has also facilitated many interdisciplinary workshops as part of the IT as a Utility Network+ in the UK. Building on this background and coupled with his interests in film and television production he has co-written a feasibility study on the emerging phenomenon of the interdisciplinary creative digital sector entitled Bournemouth Digital Pier which includes a comparison of different cluster structures that exist in various cities and regions.