DIGITAL INFRASTRUCTURES for RESEARCH 2018 | Serving the user base

eduGAIN -Meeting the challenge of scaling conflicting requirements

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 11:30


While on the networking side, focus is on performance and faster data transfer, for above the network applications, complexity of authorization requirements is the key driver of advanced research needs. The eduGAIN inter federation service enables national identity federations to support their users across international boundaries for a wide range of service types, from library and e-learning to specialist research infrastructures. What is eduGAIN doing to enable us to serve the full range of R&E authentication and authorisation use cases? What are the tools and policies available now to help do this in the areas of attribute release, security processes and policies? What is eduGAIN doing next for even more complex user requirements?


Target Audience:

Technical operators of research and data services
Policy designers for access to research services
Security professionals serving research


Benefits for Audience:

They would learn what features are available in existing e-Infrastructures which form building blocks for their complex requirements, how other services can layer on top of this and how they can help GÉANT/eduGAIN build a better infrastructure for their needs.


Topic 2: Services enabling research


Presenters Organisation
Brook Schofield GÉANT
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