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The Role of the ENVRI Reference Model in the Development of European Research Infrastructures

Friday, September 30, 2016 - 09:00


Research Infrastructures (RIs) need to collaborate with each other to provide solutions to current environmental research challenges. However, no known general method to facilitate the integration and interoperability of RIs in single disciplines or across discipline exists. Integration and interoperability issues have been addressed from two perspectives: standardisation and provision of readymade solutions. Standardisation involves the creation of standards and recommendations (W3C, RDA, DCC, DataONE). Readymade solutions propose creating infrastructures to provide services that facilitate integration and interoperability (GÉANT,, EUDAT). Standardisation approaches depend on the agreement of RIs about which standards to follow. Readymade solutions depend on RIs understanding and efficiently using the facilities provided. ENVRIplus proposes a complementary approach: modelling the RIs to differentiate between core competencies and common needs of RIs to better characterise integration and interoperability needs. The ENVRI Reference Model (ENVRI RM) serves as a bridge to integrate the standards and readymade solution approaches. Using the ENVRI RM can simplify achieving cross RI integration and interoperation. This approach is expected to reduce the cost (time, effort, resources) of producing interoperable RIs by letting them concentrate on their core competencies while investing minimal resources in integration and standardisation by taking advantage of existing infrastructures and standards.

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Dr Abraham Nieva de la Hidalga Cardiff University  
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